Alberta Condo Expo Highlights!

  • Continued Focus on Specific Areas of Legislation Changes
  • Additional Best Practices Sessions for Boards and Managers
  • Condominium Legal Panel Returns to Answer your Questions
  • Largest Networking Opportunity for Owners, Boards, Managers and Professionals
  • Tradeshow Featuring 60 Vendors is FREE to the General Public
  • Condo Owner Session: How the Changes in Legislation Affects You Directly

2020 Alberta Condo Expo

This time last year we were busy preparing for the biggest change in condominium legislation in almost 20 years. Lo and behold, even more changes were introduced later in the year and the starting line was moved back to January 1, 2020. This has left Boards, Managers and Owners trying to absorb all of this information, which is akin to attempting to drink water from a fire hose!

Once we can safely determine a new date for the Expo, we are excited to gather everybody together and help “Navigate the New Normal” in our condominium communtiy. Our industry professionals are tasked with upgrading their student’s “Condominium IQ” in as plain language as possible while providing some tips and tools they can take away to feel more confident to complete their duties.


OPTION ONE: Full Conference Package (Best Value)

Includes: Your choice of one topic in each of the three sessions, Legal Panel Session, Tradeshow, Continental Breakfast, Luncheon and Parking Pass.

  • CCI Member EarlyBird Rate (until April 9) – $125 + GST
  • CCI Member Regular Rate (April 10 – April 22) – $150 + GST
  • General Public Rate – $225 + GST

OPTION TWO: Individual Conference Sessions (Register by Topic) and Legal Panel*

(*Due to room limitations, the Legal Panel will be available to Conference Package registrants only until April 15 and then if space permits it will open for individual registration). Includes Tradeshow Access.

Rates are priced per individual session:

  • CCI Member EarlyBird Rate (until April 9) – $35 + GST
  • CCI Member Regular Rate (April 10 – April 22) – $40 + GST
  • General Public Rate – $60 + GST

Schedule Details

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM Registration/ Welcome Breakfast

  • Registration and Check In/Tradeshow Set Up
  • Grab ‘n Go Breakfast for Conference Registrants/Welcome Address

8:30 AM – 9:45 AM Conference Session #1 (Pre-select one Topic from the choices listed below)

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM Tradeshow Open (free to General Public)

9:45 AM – 10:15 AM Break with Exhibitors

10:15 AM – 11:30 AM Conference Session #2 (Pre-select one Topic from the choices listed below)

11:30 AM – 12 Noon Break with Exhibitors

12 NOON – 1:15 PM Keynote Luncheon for Conference Registrants only

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM Conference Session #3 (Pre-select one Topic from the choices listed below)

2:30 PM – 3:00 PM Break with Exhibitors

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM Conference Session #4 Condominium Legal Panel

4:15 PM – 4:30 PM Grand Finale

  • Door Prize Draws/ Closing Remarks


Conference Topic Details:

Session #1 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM

1 A) Is Your Condo Now a Hotel? The Short Term Rental Dilemma

Presenter: Erin Berney (Field Law)

 As a result of a recent judgment regarding condo owners and short-term rentals, condo corporations in Alberta now have the legal authority to pass bylaws that prohibit, restrict or regulate the operation of units as short-term rentals.  Such accommodations are now being viewed as hotel stays, which brings up the question of licenses vs. leases, and the legal distinctions between the two legal concepts. 

Find out what bylaws are necessary to validly restrict or prohibit short-term rentals, and what questions your corporation should ask before proceeding with enacting new bylaws to deal with these AirBnB-style rentals.

On the other side of the coin, some condominiums welcome this emerging industry.We’ll also discuss the possible parameters that should be considered for those interested in allowing short term rentals within their building.

1 B) The Risk and Reward of Self-Managed Condos

Presenters: Maurice Perrault (Harbour Park), Charissa Shine (Core Management), Christopher Batdorf (Klass Manor), and Barbara Smith (Waterfront Pointe)

Perhaps you are looking to save money, looking to gain control for your board, or are struggling to find a management company to care for your small complex.  We will discuss different levels of self-management and how to mitigate risks for your Board. Our panel of people who have self-managed their condominiums, will speak to how they went about becoming self-managed, the advantages they found, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them in this industry.  Sharing challenges and discussing solutions on topics such as financial management, bylaw enforcement, capital projects, recruiting contractors and creating a community to name a few will be part of this interactive presentation.

1 C) “Let’s (NOT) Make a Deal” About Rules and Bylaws

Presenter: Hugh Willis (Willis Law)

In this entertaining homage to the game show era, our presenter will challenge the audience to demonstrate their understanding of the recent changes on rules, policies and bylaws. The format will focus on understanding the criteria to determine whether a matter should be addressed in the bylaws or if it could be set up by creating a rule. Using frequently seen provisions from the past, we will review examples of what would now need revision. Practical solutions will be offered for boards and owners to consider how it would be best applied in their condominium. Who said learning and laughter were mutually exclusive?

Session #2 10:15 AM – 11:30 AM

2 A) Condo Legislation FAQs, Resources & Next Steps

Presenter: JD Crookshanks (Service Alberta)

Since the announcement of changes to condominium regulations in November, Service Alberta has received questions from owners, boards, managers, and others about how to apply some of the changes, understanding the new legislation, and what some of the changes mean. We will reveal some of the most common and pressing questions and answers, including:

  • Frequently asked questions and interpretations about the new regulations, such as document fees, standard insurable unit descriptions, and bylaw updates;
  • New and updated information resources to help understand the changes;
  • Next steps for condominium legislation.

2 B) Adult Bullying is Complex: Prevention, Intervention, and Repair

Presenter: Linda Crockett MSW, RSW, SEP

This workshop will offer an overview on the definition of bullying and harassment but most importantly, we will review ‘what to do about it’ including:prevention, intervention, resolution or repair. Linda Crockett, a leader in bullying prevention will include examples of what is and what is not adult bullying, along with examples of the early warning signs, risk factors, tactics used, profiles, and the impact this has on all organizations. This will include a short but powerful video, and a brief overview of policies,procedures, Alberta Legislation, research, stories, and anecdotal examples.

2 C) General Meetings – New Rules and Best Practices for Bringing the Community Together

Presenter: Victoria Archer DSA (Gledhill Larocque)

The Government has now finalized most of the regulatory requirements for General Meetings.  This session will focus on those new requirements and give best practice guidance and tips for implementing them in a way that works for your condominium community.  We will discuss:

  • Getting ready for the Meeting, Notice requirements and Documents
  • Meeting Agendas and Owner Agenda items
  • Proxy requirements and restrictions
  • New Voting Requirements
  • After the Meeting requirements

Session #3 1:15 PM – 2:30 PM

3 A) Insurance and Risk Management: A Proactive Approach

Presenters: Dawn Mitchell (HUB International Insurance Brokers), Sherry Bignell (BFL Canada Insurance Services), and Rob De Pruis (Insurance Bureau of Canada) 

The reality of increased premiums/deductibles and reduced capacity has had a significant impact on numerous corporations’ financial health and in extreme cases their long term viability. How did we get here and what are the key factors that affect rates both globally and locally. We will focus on key aspects within a corporation’s control that can be utilized to make themselves more attractive to insurers. 

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Proper Valuations
  • Contractor Coverage
  • Self Insuring Options and Deductible Awareness
  • Additional Information Requirements for Corporations

3 B) Taming the Tiger: Using Mediation to Resolve Deputes

Presenter: Deborah Howes FCCI (High Clouds Incorporated)

The reality of condominium living is that it’s not easy for everyone to get along all the time. In fact at times it seems like the classic Irresistible Force vs. Immovable Object.  In this session you will work together with a mediator to resolve one or more common condominium disputes.  

  • Learn what mediators do and how they can assist. 
  • Help the mediator identify the real dispute. 
  • Learn what questions can help or hinder the discussion.  
  • Observe the mediator in practice. Compare what you would do to what the mediator does.

3 C) Preparing for the Process: Fines & Sanctions

Presenter: Todd Shipley (Reynolds Mirth RIchards & Farmer LLP)

One of the areas where additional clarification has been welcomed in the legislation is in regards to fines and sanctions. With the additional details provided however, boards must be aware and follow through with the new processes that are outlined in the regulations. This session will outline what is changing and best practices to follow to ensure compliance.

  • What is a sanction, and what is the difference between a monetary and non-monetary sanction?
  • What is the mandated process to issue a sanction and what happens if it is not followed?
  • What rights do owners and occupants have and how must those rights be addressed by the Board?
  • What practices should boards follow for proper record keeping?

Session #4 3:00 PM – 4:15 PM

Condominium Legal Panel

Moderator: Anand Sharma (CCI North Alberta Board President)
Panel – Victoria Archer (Gledhill Larocque), Todd Shipley (Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP), and Hugh Willis (Willis Law)

As you attend your previous sessions there will undoubtedly be questions that arise in your head for further clarification or direction. Providing you are not looking for engineering or accounting expertise, our legal panel is assembled once again to assist and entertain as they bring their unique perspectives for the benefit of all. With all that has transpired this past year there will be numerous issues to unpack and we will lead off the session with each of the panel members introducing their priority item for discussion followed by an extended Q & A period open to all attendees.

Grand Finale 4:15 PM – 4:30 PM

Draw Prizes / Closing Remarks

We are very fortunate to have a large group of very generous Business Partners who donate prizes for the attendees, as well as the Grand Prize for the Expo. It is definitely worth the wait as you must be present to take home a draw prize if selected.

Condo Owner Session:

How the Changes in Legislation Affects You Directly

Saturday, April 25th 9:30AM – 11:00AM

Presenter: Todd Shipley (Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP)

  • CCI Members – $25 + GST
  • General Public – $45 + GST

The recent changes in the legislation are significant and it is important for condo owners to understand the key changes that will have the most impact to them. By understanding your obligations as owners, you are able to prepare for and minimize any financial risk you may, as “I didn’t know” is not a valid defence. Further, greater understanding ensures that you are able to protect your investment and property and understand whether the Corporation is being governed properly.  Some of the topics that will be reviewed include:

  • Condo Documents – New guidelines for costs and distribution, upgraded notifications and clarification of what documents can be shared with owners
  • General Meetings – How to address owner concerns
  • Board Accountability – Understanding your rights and responsibilities
  • Fines and Sanctions – Changes in the process, limitations of fines and timeline to contest
  • Insurance – Absolute liability for owners, repair and possible deductible responsibilities and the introduction of the Standard Insurable Unit Description


Free for Attendees and the General Public

  • The Tradeshow will have 60 vendors this year!
  • Tradeshow will be open from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm.
  • Half hour break between each session for full day Attendees to meet Exhibitors.

Cost: Includes a 5 foot skirted table, power on request (limited availability), Wi-Fi access & 2 Conference admissions with parking passes.

  • Exhibitor CCI Member EarlyBird Rate (Until March 20) – $600 + GST
  • Exhibitor CCI Member Regular Rate (March 20 – April 10 ) – $750 + GST
  • Exhibitor Non-Member Rate – $1000 + GST

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“I would and will highly recommend both becoming a member of CCI as well as attending workshops, courses, and conferences. Thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a success!!


“And please extend our thanks to everyone for the fantastic Condo Expo!  My team and I were blown away by the amount of information we received and the networking we were able to do.  It was a great day!”


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“Still the best event to tell condo boards they are not operating in the wilderness. That there is a lot of support and information out there.”

The Expo was excellent.  Again, the food was exceptional and I’m constantly impressed by the caliber of presenters chosen for the sessions.  Well done!”


“This event is always valuable as you learn a great deal about condo boards and their responsibilities and listening to others you find that there is a common thread among board and issues they deal with.”


“I must express how informative and insightful the sessions were.  They provided another level of understanding and confidence.”


“We thought the venue, presentations and the whole expo was fantastic!”

“This year’s event was well organized. With the Condo Act Regs. coming into realization, there was a lot of information to share. Being a snowbird, I cannot attend your winter luncheon sessions, so I rely on this conference to get updated. Thank you everyone who worked on this event.”


“Congratulations to everyone involved in the CCI North Alberta organization and Expo. I’m so impressed with your communitarian spirit and the high quality of your undertakings. I imagine the Expo was a significant volunteer commitment that I really appreciate. Thanks very much!!!


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