Alberta Condo Expo Highlights!

  • Condominium Legal Panel Returns to Answer Your Questions
  • Plain Language Bylaws, Digital Governance, Condo Owner Sessions, & More
  • Additional Best Practices Sessions for Boards and Managers
  • Largest Networking Opportunity for Owners, Boards, Managers, and Professionals

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The 2022 Alberta Condo Expo will be our first-ever hybrid conference!

We had amazing turnout and support for our first-ever all virtual Alberta Condo Expo for 2021. With that success and previous sell-out in-person events, we know that 2022 will be the best conference ever.

What does a hybrid event look like? It means that you get to choose how you attend the Expo. You can join us in person or online (or a bit of both). Whatever way you choose (and yes, you can change your mind) everyone who registers will get on-demand access to all 7 sessions for 3 months after the event. Think of it as finally being able to be in two or more places at once!

At CCI North Alberta, we are committed to holding safe and enjoyable events that benefit the condominium community. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with our event guidelines and those set out by our host venue, which make it possible for us to hold in-person events while we continue to navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Masking is recommended but not required at CCI North Alberta events. Masks will be worn by CCI staff and volunteers at indoor events where distancing is not possible to maintain.

Check out our full event policy for more details.

Please note that this policy will be adjusted to align with changing municipal and provincial restrictions as required.






Testimonials From Past Conferences

“I would and will highly recommend both becoming a member of CCI as well as attending workshops, courses, and conferences. Thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a success!!


“And please extend our thanks to everyone for the fantastic Condo Expo!  My team and I were blown away by the amount of information we received and the networking we were able to do.  It was a great day!”


“I would like to thank the entire CCI organizing committee for the great Expo on the weekend.  It was very well run and full of very timely and interesting information!”


“Still the best event to tell condo boards they are not operating in the wilderness. That there is a lot of support and information out there.”

The Expo was excellent.  Again, the food was exceptional and I’m constantly impressed by the caliber of presenters chosen for the sessions.  Well done!”


“This event is always valuable as you learn a great deal about condo boards and their responsibilities and listening to others you find that there is a common thread among board and issues they deal with.”


“I must express how informative and insightful the sessions were.  They provided another level of understanding and confidence.”


“We thought the venue, presentations and the whole expo was fantastic!”

“This year’s event was well organized. With the Condo Act Regs. coming into realization, there was a lot of information to share. Being a snowbird, I cannot attend your winter luncheon sessions, so I rely on this conference to get updated. Thank you everyone who worked on this event.”


“Congratulations to everyone involved in the CCI North Alberta organization and Expo. I’m so impressed with your communitarian spirit and the high quality of your undertakings. I imagine the Expo was a significant volunteer commitment that I really appreciate. Thanks very much!!!


“Great variety of vendors that provide services all condo corporations would be in need of at one point or another.”

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