Alberta Condo Expo Highlights!

  • Continued Focus on Specific Areas of Legislation Changes
  • Additional Best Practices Sessions for Boards and Managers
  • Condominium Legal Panel Returns to Answer your Questions
  • Largest Networking Opportunity for Owners, Boards, Managers and Professionals
  • Tradeshow Featuring 60 Vendors is FREE to the General Public
  • Condo Owner Session: How the Changes in Legislation Affects You Directly

2021 Alberta Condo Expo

Two years ago we were busy preparing for the biggest change in condominium legislation in almost 20 years. Lo and behold, even more changes were introduced later in 2019 and the starting line was moved back to January 1, 2020. This left Boards, Managers and Owners trying to absorb all of the information, which is akin to attempting to drink water from a fire hose!

Then COVID hit. While we were in the midst of planning the 2020 Expo, it became clear that we needed to halt the plans and we naively believed in March that we might be able to reschedule in the fall. Clearly that was not possible and so we decided on hosting a virtual event in April 2021.

Virtual events make it challenging to “gather” and network, but with creativity and ingenuity we believe we can create an Expo like non other that we have ever hosted! Because we are not contained within walls and a buidling we can have as many attendees and exhibitors as wanted! Another benefit is no one needs to travel to a venue, no parking, no hotels, not crowds! Because of this we have decided to break the conference and exhbition into 2 days, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

We are excited about our focus of how to  “Navigate the New Normal” in our condominium communtiy. Our industry professionals will be tasked with upgrading their student’s “Condominium IQ” in as plain language as possible while providing some tips and tools they can take away to feel more confident to complete their duties.

ON MARCH 17th, 2021

Testimonials From 2019

“I would and will highly recommend both becoming a member of CCI as well as attending workshops, courses, and conferences. Thanks to everyone involved in making the event such a success!!


“And please extend our thanks to everyone for the fantastic Condo Expo!  My team and I were blown away by the amount of information we received and the networking we were able to do.  It was a great day!”


“I would like to thank the entire CCI organizing committee for the great Expo on the weekend.  It was very well run and full of very timely and interesting information!”


“Still the best event to tell condo boards they are not operating in the wilderness. That there is a lot of support and information out there.”

The Expo was excellent.  Again, the food was exceptional and I’m constantly impressed by the caliber of presenters chosen for the sessions.  Well done!”


“This event is always valuable as you learn a great deal about condo boards and their responsibilities and listening to others you find that there is a common thread among board and issues they deal with.”


“I must express how informative and insightful the sessions were.  They provided another level of understanding and confidence.”


“We thought the venue, presentations and the whole expo was fantastic!”

“This year’s event was well organized. With the Condo Act Regs. coming into realization, there was a lot of information to share. Being a snowbird, I cannot attend your winter luncheon sessions, so I rely on this conference to get updated. Thank you everyone who worked on this event.”


“Congratulations to everyone involved in the CCI North Alberta organization and Expo. I’m so impressed with your communitarian spirit and the high quality of your undertakings. I imagine the Expo was a significant volunteer commitment that I really appreciate. Thanks very much!!!


“Great variety of vendors that provide services all condo corporations would be in need of at one point or another.”

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