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Friday Afternoon RECA Session

RECA Presentation

Description: This session is geared towards Condominium Managers, but is open to everyone. You will be provided with an update on RECA and the licensing plans, as well as an opportunity to allow Condominium Managers to give some feedback on – going forward – areas they may wish to have further educational training on.

Doug Dixon (RECA)

Morning Sessions

Navigating Difficult Situations

Description: How do you navigate the difficult situations and people as a board member and resident? What are some strategies for dealing with difficult people? This session also looks at situations like aging in condos, hoarding, pets and support animals, and how to establish effective boundaries (both for boards and residents).

Erin Berney – Field Law
Heidi Besuijen – Reynolds
Mirth Richards & Farmer LLC Moderator Steven DeLuca

Condos Going Green

Description: What’s possible in the world of ‘condos going green’? What programs and grants are available? This session covers topics like energy efficient strategies, building envelopes and retrofitting, clean energy, heat recovery ventilation, and other green-focused upgrades.

John Clarke – Niche Developments
Thivya Viswanathan – Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Jesse Tufts, P.Eng. – ReNu Engineering

Realtors and Expectations Around Condominium Documents

Description: What are the obligations of the Board to provide documentation to an Owner/Potential Owner pre sale/post sale? What do condo boards need to know about documentation? What about when Management Companies change? This session explores the expectations around condominium documentation, file management, and how to handle transitions.

Sheldon Johnston – Liv Real Estate
Carrie Plett- Condo Management Solutions
Todd Shipley – Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLC Moderator Gary Caouette

Midday Sessions

How Not to Half Assessment It

Description: What are some strategies to approach building envelopes and structural assessments of condo properties? What planning and expertise are needed to ensure a successful assessment? This session shares how to avoid dis(ass)ter when it comes to things like minor leaks, “free” contractor estimates, or depending solely on visual observation instead of conducting necessary exploratory openings.

Heather Elliot, P.Eng.- Entuitive
Justin Tudor, P.Eng. – Keller Engineering

Governance and IT

Description: Description It’s a Digital World! What can board members and condo managers do as technology becomes more and more advanced? What needs to be adapted to meet the digital world head on? This session dives into what to do as electronic meetings, digital record keeping, and voting become far more common.

Oshadhi Herman – CondoVoter
Dawn Ker – Group Three
Mark Dudar – Birdsell Grant LLP

Slip & Fall

Description: When it comes to slips and falls, what is the Condominium responsible for? What does a general liability policy provide coverage for? What steps need to be taken if an injury or loss does occur? This session shares tips and tricks for board members and condo managers to identify, reduce, or manage the hazards that may lead to injury to a person on the property and when to complete incident reports and notify all the proper parties.

Hamish Farmer – BFL Canada
Dawn Mitchell – HUB International
Michael Gibson – Miller Thomson

Afternoon Sessions

Bylaws Dos-Don’ts

Description: Description What are the top 5 items that your Bylaws should encompass? How do you know what bylaws benefit your condo corporation? This session looks at the Condominium Property Act and Regulations and explores what bylaws might be redundant or needed.

Hugh Willis – Wills Law
Helena Smith – HRS Condominium Consulting

Finance – Why not a loan

Description: Description What must boards be aware of and consider before moving forward with taking on a loan? How do you know what option is right for your condo corporation when it finds itself in need of finance? In this session you’ll learn about what other options are available and dive into why a loan – in the right circumstances – can be a great opportunity,

Luka Milidragovic – Morrison Financial Services Limited
Kelly McFadyen – CWB Maxium Financial
Melissa Stappler – Willis Law

Running a Successful Meeting

Description: Description What does it take to run a successful meeting? What’s the best way to do meeting planning prep and follow up? What about Online vs In-Person and electronic voting? This session touches on all things board meetings, including different approaches to decision making, AGM’s, and the problems with Roberts Rules.

Dave Bodnarchuk – ElectionBuddy
Darcie-Lee Rea – Hallmark Management
Jennifer Beyer – Professional Facilitator